Before you install your new drought tolerant California Buffalograss lawn, you’ll have to remove your existing lawn first!

We usually suggest a method involving multiple applications of an herbicide, but some people prefer a method that is more Earth/pet/people-friendly and we can certainly understand that!

Native Again Landscape LLC tells you how to remove your lawn without using chemicals by sheet composting your space. “Sheet composting smothers the grass and kills it by depriving it of oxygen and sunlight. The dead grass can then be composted…In as little as 6 months your soil will be nutrient-rich and teaming with earthworms and other healthy organisms.”

Unfortunately, sheet composting isn’t the right option for everyone. If you’re in an area that is too hot and dry or too cold or too wet, or you have Bermuda grass, this might not be the right option for you.

Read more on how to remove your lawn without using chemicals here!

(Read about using Soil Solarization to Remove Your Lawn without Using Chemicals here)


I hate the cold, so I’ve been enjoying the warm sunny days, which are a bit unusual for this time of year here in Fresno. Unfortunately, these 70 degree days are doing nothing to help with California’s drought situation. Governor Brown has even declared the state in a drought emergency asking all its citizens to cut back “at least 20% of their water use…We ought to be ready for a long, continued, persistent effort to restrain our water use”.

Read more from the LA Times here.

Learn more about California Buffalograss, a drought tolerant lawn alternative.

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Takao Nursery UC Verde Buffalograss Hyundai Project

Check it out! California Buffalograss installed at Hyundai Motor America in Fountain Valley, California!

Growing up in LA!

Here’s a month to month California Buffalograss lawn from Craig in Los Angeles! Thanks for sharing Craig!









Beginning of June


End of June


Well what do you know, California Buffalograss is both water-wise and fire-wise!

Dave Egbert, a firefighter and nurseryman suggests using California Buffalograss near your home to help protect it from being engulfed in flames.

“…a low-care lawn of California Buffalograss…can help snuff out firebrands that land near the home”, he says in his article on fire safe landscaping.

To read more about Dave’s article for a fire safe garden read his article here!

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It’s California Buffalograss in Orosi!

Thanks to Rudy Taylor with Taylor Made Landscape & Design for sharing these pics! It makes me want to quit work for the day and head up to the cabin now… 🙂


I’m sure just like you, we all have a lot of things to do – work, family, weekends…things slip our mind…

A couple of weekends ago, my dad gave a presentation at the local botanical garden on California Buffalograss. At the end of their event he packed up his sample trays into the back of his SUV and headed home…

…A week later as he went to throw his golf clubs in the back of his car, he found the California Buffalograss trays still sitting back there…all, week, long.

A week cooped up in a warm car is hardly the ideal environment for any plant, but dad pulled them out and gave them a good watering anyhow – and what do you know!?…

The California Buffalograss trays sprang right back up and are as good as new! Talk about drought tolerant! 🙂

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We love getting pictures of our customer’s California Buffalograss lawns! Love it! Here’s another recent one we thought we’d share!

UC Verde Buffalograss Grown By Takao Nursery

And here’s a close up of California Buffalograss’s runners doing their thing!

UC Verde Buffalograss Runners :: Takao Nursery

No Lumps Here!

UC Verde Buffalograss Grown by Takao Nursery - Lump-Free Lawn

We caught wind of a rumor going around that California Buffalograss will leave you with a lumpy looking lawn – and it just ain’t so!

Since California Buffalograss is planted in plugs, at first it will look like your lawn has undergone a hair transplant procedure and yes, it will look a little “lumpy” as the plugs begin to grow and spread. But once your grass has completely filled in your lawn will as normal as can be and lump-free!

Whether mowed or left au naturale, you won’t have to worry about California Buffalograss leaving you looking lumpy!

Visit our website at californiabuffalograss.com or contact us at 559-275-3844 with all of your questions and comments or to place an order!

UC Verde Buffalograss Grown by Takao Nursery, Home of Chris Wilson, El Cajon, Ca

Spring is just around the corner and I cannot wait for the warm weather to get here!!!

To get your California Buffalograss ready for the warm up, mow it back to a height of around one inch. This will remove all the old yellow grass and help the sun to reach the soil and new growth faster. Since you are helping the ground warm earlier than normal, you will need to apply a pre-emergent or a fertilizer with crabgrass and/or annual grassy weed control at this time. Any product available at your garden center should be okay to use. Read and follow the label. Repeat this application at a ½ rate in 6-8 weeks for season long control!

Pictured above is a great California Buffalograss lawn shot from Chris Wilson of El Cajon, California! He says,

“In the lower left you can see where patch of competing bermuda is struggling with the summer heat. Not the buffalo! I’ve found that by mowing higher (2.5″ to 3″) in the summer, allows for much better moisture retention, and it really shows. In the spring I cut it to 3/4″ and it’s so tight and dense, it looks like a golfcourse fairway. Pretty cool grass!”

Pretty cool indeed Chris! And thanks so much for sharing your pic and tips with us! We’d love to hear what you think or see pics of your California Buffalograss in action too! Visit us on our Facebook page to share away 🙂

For more information or if you have any questions, you can also visit our website or contact us!