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I’m sure just like you, we all have a lot of things to do – work, family, weekends…things slip our mind…

A couple of weekends ago, my dad gave a presentation at the local botanical garden on California Buffalograss. At the end of their event he packed up his sample trays into the back of his SUV and headed home…

…A week later as he went to throw his golf clubs in the back of his car, he found the California Buffalograss trays still sitting back there…all, week, long.

A week cooped up in a warm car is hardly the ideal environment for any plant, but dad pulled them out and gave them a good watering anyhow – and what do you know!?…

The California Buffalograss trays sprang right back up and are as good as new! Talk about drought tolerant! šŸ™‚

Visit us at www.californiabuffalograss.com to learn more about this resilient lawn alternativeĀ or toĀ place your order today!

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