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Spring is here!

Well, spring is supposed to be here, but it sure doesn’t feel like it yet! Warm weather come our way!

Gwen out at Daddy’s nursery!

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The Visalia Times-Delta recently reported on low water landscape alternatives to replace lawns!

“It’s a nice bright green, a very fine texture, it’s self-mending,” said Daniel Veyna, a landscape architect with Sierra Designs, Inc.

“It requires much less water than other varieties and if the homeowner is fine with a meadow look, it’s terminal height is about 6 inches and therefore will only need mowing about twice a year.”

Click the image below  to read the full article!

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Woohooo! California Buffalograss was mentioned on an episode of HGTV’s The Outdoor Room with Jamie Durie! And if you haven’t seen The Outdoor Room, well then you’re missing out!

“With a client roster that includes A-list celebrities and five-star hotels, Jamie Durie is one of the most well-renowned and sought-after landscape artists in the world.” -HGTV

Durie creates stylish landscapes for everyday people – totally transforming their fugly and often unused (due to the before mentioned fact) yards into waaay cool and completely usuable ‘outdoor rooms’! Not to mention that he’s easy on the eyes as well. How do I sign up for a yard makeover on this show?!!

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Sooo I made a California Buffalograss Faceboo Fan Page!!! Woohoo! Still figuring out all the plugins and this and that you can do though. I know how to navigate my personal page just fine, but this fan page thing is all new to me.

So far there’s me, my husband, my dad, my father-in-law, and Lori who works for my father-in-law who are fans haha. Click on my facebook badge on the right column of this blog to go and check it out! – and then don’t forget to add me so I can say that there are fans other than people that are related to me or who work for someone related 😉

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Last week the weather was in the 90’s and this week it’s in the low 70’s – go figure – that’s Fresno for ya! At least I got to wear my new – lower cost Costco version of Ugg boots!

With the cooler weather rolling in, it reminds me that it’s about that time of the year again for California Buffalograss to go dormant. In a few weeks most lawns will begin to lose their coloring with the decrease in daylight. Some of you lucky people in Socal who don’t experience much of a winter may not lose your green coloring or only see a slight yellowing of your California Buffalograss lawn. But alas for most of us we have to go through the cold gloominess of winter.

While California Buffalograss is in its dormancy period (for most of us that is from November to February/March) you do not have to water or mow it. It will just sit there frozen in time, waiting for the sun to come out again before it starts growing.

If you’re not a fan of having a yellow lawn, you can easily apply a grass colorant to “fake the green” until spring. We recommend Green Lawnger from Gemplers.com. It’s super easy to do, inexpensive and for us it lasted all winter until the green came back into the grass! You’ll probably want to play around with the ratios in an inconspicuous area until you can get your mix just right. Check out the user reviews for some tips. One user adds yellow food coloring to lime up the coloring a bit!

We played around with the ratio of Green Lawnger to water, to find a blend we were happy with! The last test square is fully concentrated undiluted Green Lawnger – just to see what it did…needless to say, it’s not the most natural look!

When have you noticed that your California Buffalograss lawn began to lose it’s color and how have you handled it?

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We recently had someone come by to purchase some California Buffalograss for his home. He had just moved into his new house and he complained that he was very allergic to his lawn. As soon as he stepped onto it, his feet would rash up! He had heard about the low allergy benefits of California Buffalograss and thought he’d give it shot. He even walked out bare footed onto our test patches out here at our nursery and his feet had no reaction!

This is more of an extreme case of allergies, but since California Buffalograss produces hardly any seed heads it’s much better for those with the regular sort of sneezy wheezy allergies too!

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California Buffalograss was mentioned in our local newspaper! Click on the article for a larger image.

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A new report for the National Resources Defense Council claims one-third of all counties in the lower 48 states will face higher risks of water shortages due to global warming.
The report finds that 14 states face an extreme or high risk to water sustainability, or are likely to see limitations on water availability as demand exceeds supply by 2050. But in some arid regions (such as Texas, the Southwest and California) and agricultural areas, water withdrawal is greater than 100% of the available precipitation so that water is already used in quantities that exceed supply. 
Read the full article here.

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MP Rotator sprinkler heads are the newest innovation in sprinkler head design. They combine the best in water conservation, low cost and ease of installation of all sprinkler heads on the market today. MP Rotators have been proven in years of agricultural use and have an excellent history of reliability and durability. Visit them on their website to learn more at http://www.hunterindustries.com/products/mprotator/

We use them in our backyard!

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Beginning next year in 2010, the City of Fresno will install approximately 25,000 meters on a yearly basis, until 2013 when the entire project is complete.

All costs for the water meter program are built into the current residential water rates; there will be no special assessment or charge associated with the cost of meter purchase or installation.

In 2010, as water meters are installed, the City will begin reading meters and billing a metered rate for those customers with meters. This means customers will be paying for actual water used – even WASTED water!

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